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How to Get Legally Separated in NY? In New York, there are two ways to become legally separated. The first is by entering into a separation agreement and the. Although New York law now provides for a no-fault divorce), if you or your spouse can establish that you have lived separate and apart under a written. Under New York law, it is not necessary for you to have a separation agreement to obtain a no-fault or uncontested divorce. However, one year after filing the.

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Contact the New York firm of Gordon, Tepper & DeCoursey, LLP, At the time of filing for legal separation, both you and your spouse should be residents. At the completion of the divorce mediation process, New York couples need to decide whether to get a legal separation or a divorce. In New York, when parties enter into a separation agreement, they must live separate lives. Most couples choose to live in separate households and live their.

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To obtain a legal separation in New York, couples must go one of two routes. Most commonly, spouses will choose to enter into a separation agreement. But if. Separation Attorneys in Jericho, NY. When a married couple wants to end the relationship and no longer live together, they often get a divorce. Legal Separation Lawyers in Saratoga, NY. Legal protections affirmed without dissolving your marriage. Couples who find it impossible to live in the same.