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PureVision2 Toric For Astigmatism contact lenses have a unique Auto Align Design that stabilizes the lens on the eye for less blur and haziness - even. Order Purevision PureVision Toric (Day & Night) Monthly disposable online at Mister Spex. 6 lenses per package. Super-quick delivery. 1 Results from a investigator, multi-site cross-over study of PureVision2 For Astigmatism and PureVision Toric lenses. A total of subjects completed.

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Purevision Toric is a monthly disposable toric contact lens made of silicone hydrogel, for persons with astigmatism. Use daily or as continuous wear for up. Purevision 2 for Astigmatism contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb are designed to excellence with high-optics stabilization for crystal clear vision. PureVision 2 Toric. Soft toric monthly replacement contact lenses to correct low and medium astigmatism. Designed to reduce halos and glare so you can enjoy.

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PureVision Toric (6 lenses) are monthly contact lenses by Bausch + Lomb that are made of silicone hydrogel material. The contact lenses correct astigmatism. The contact lenses Pure Vision Toric by Bausch&Lomb are made from hydrogel material and are created for people with astigmatism. PureVision Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism are uniquely designed to meet the special vision correction needs of people with astigmatism.