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Antispam. Sophos UTM can be configured to detect unsolicited spam emails and to identify spam transmissions from known or suspected spam purveyors. Email clients use POP3 to retrieve mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP Spam Filter settings – If spam checking is required, install the Spam Filter. is an IMAP/POP3 client, it's not a server side component. It can of course run on the server side and perform service related tasks, however.

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Download E-Mails from POP3 accounts and IMAP accounts securely: spam filter adds security and saves time. Install the spam filter on the POP3 server. c. Install the spam filter Both spam filter and SMTP server can run on same computer or different devices. POP3 spam filter SpamButcher is an easy to use anti-spam filter that checks for new messages in your inbox every X minutes and if it finds any spam.

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Antispam protection for these messages is possible because the POP3 Connector forwards email messages from a POP3 account to Microsoft Exchange Server via SMTP. I've set gmail so that it puts spam messages in inbox folder, i.e. POP3, then one must expect to have to manage Spam filtering there also.​. For an overview of these settings please proceed to "Managing Spam Filtering Settings" below. POP3 Mailbox To Adjust the settings for a pop3 mail box locate.