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You will be placed in a position suited to your strengths such as sharing your particular passion and knowledge with others or as a camp counselor, guiding. Location: United States · Job Function: Activity Instructor, Camp & Campsite · Job Type: Seasonal, Summer · Language: English · Period: Summer · Salary: Over. Do you want to work as a camp counselor during your gap year? There are camp jobs available year round, all over the world. Learn more about what kind of.

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Work for the American Camp Association · Assistant Director of Accreditation · Senior Accountant · Business Development Associate. What summer camp jobs are available? · Activity instructor - if you're skilled and experienced in a particular sport or hobby, such as swimming, tennis or rock. Browse jobs · Youth Worker jobs · Technical Recruiter jobs · Project Manager jobs · Recruiter jobs · Contract Manager jobs · User Experience Designer jobs · Travel.


Working at a summer camp in America might be the most fun and exciting job you'll ever have! Apply. Sign up and complete an online application today. Match. Camp America roles · General Counsellor – You will be assigned a group of children to spend all day with, assisting and supporting an activity leader with the. Camp America recruits international staff for American summer camps. Established in , we are the biggest international summer camp staff provider.