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Looking for 4-Pole Phenolic Terminal Strip, 20 A Amps, V AC? Purchase it from Imperial Supplies along with million other products. DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, Feed Through V (V IEC), Terminal Blocks, made of Polyamide , 20A to A, #22 - 14 to #1/0 AWG. 12 position double entry Europa style terminal block for 20 to 14 Gauge wire. 20 Amp Terminal Block Jumper - 30 Amp Terminal Blocks. Starting at $

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Buy Terminal Strips & Blocks at The UK's No. 1 trade catalogue. Buy online & collect in hundreds of stores in as little as 1 minute! offers a large selection of wholesale terminal block 20 amp. These Terminal Blocks include screw terminals, ceramic connector strips and more. Blue Sea 20A Terminal Block employs fully insulated independent terminal blocks to isolate circuits. Each pair of M screws is one isolated circuit.

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20 Amp Terminal Blocks. Blue Sea Terminal Jumper Series Quick View. Blue Sea Terminal Jumper Series. Blue Sea Systems, Terminal Block, 20 Amp / 6 Circuits, Employs fully insulated independent terminal blocks for applications where circuits must be. Find professional quality Interconnect Terminal Blocks for a variety of Metric Terminal Tri-Barrier Strip 8 Position " (mm) Pitch 20A V M3.